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About Hope For The Children

Hope for the Children (HFC) was established in 2003 by a group of volunteers who heard about the needs of children in India. We started working with one orphanage in Northeast India whose founder, Dr. Lamboi Vaiphei, was attempting to care for 15 children who lost their parents in an ethnic war. Some of them were forced to watch their fathers dig their own graves. When the graves were complete, their fathers were shot and thrown into them. The mothers and relatives of these children had approached Dr. Vaiphei asking him for help since they had no means of earning money and supporting their children. Dr. Vaiphei and his wife decided to respond to the need and help, but they were only able to provide the bare essentials for these children. Through partnering with HFC, these children are able to attend school and have all their needs provided. The orphanage now has its own building with 70 children receiving sponsorship on a yearly basis. HFC has since recruited sponsors for over 130 children in five orphanages in India, Bolivia and Nepal. We are an approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible. In fact, every dollar donated by a sponsor is given to the orphanages since our ministry is run by a Board of volunteers.

Why partner with HFC?

  • When you sponsor with HFC, your support money of $25/month provides food, clothing, and education for a child. Talk about stretching a dollar and making a difference!
  • Our children live in clean buildings and are well cared for. Each orphanage has at least one Caretaker or Director to manage the needs of the children.
  • We are committed to providing education at least up to 12th grade (high school). All the children are enrolled in English medium schools.  We also provide financial assistance to the children who excel academically and wish to attain a college degree.  Our vision is to have each child under our care have the opportunity to see their dreams for their future become reality.
  • Partner with us in fighting poverty. We provide the basic education requirements with the goal that each child will become self sufficient and break the cycle of poverty they were born into.  Together we are making a difference…one child at a time.

Board of Directors:
Steven Lusky: President
Robert Long: Treasurer
Patricia Lusky: Secretary
Jim Bryson: Member
Aaron Durso: Member
Shirley Long: Member
Jackie Illes: Member